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Do you optimize or optimise?
search engine optimization or search engine optimisation. Google trend says that there are more people in the UK. Australia and New Zealand searching for optimisation than optimization. On the other hand more people in india, south africa US search for optimization.
optimization Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
UK also optimisation uk / ptmaze n / us / ptmzen /. the process of making something as good or effective as possible.: The airline's' scheduling optimization program ensures that it serves the maximum number of passengers. Definition of optimization from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press.
Is there any difference between optimization and optimisation? Quora.
The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Dipayan Banerjee, studied Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degrees. Answered 138w ago. There is no difference between Optimization" and Optimisation" However, Optimize" is American spelling while Optimise" is British spelling.
optimiSe or optimiZe? Pain in the English.
st century.communication is must no matter if it is ise or ize.I personally use ize It hardly matter if I am interacting with UK client or US.Eg. If I write optimization while communicating with some UK person then of course he will know what I mean.and if I write optimisation to my US client he will also know what I am talking about as far as spelling check is concerned I think every one know how to change language of laptop or any electronic media just change language from UK English to US English and see the difference.
Website Optimization.
First, the process of website optimization determines the best version of web page elements that help visitors to accomplish a certain goal. Optimization improves the efficiency of the website at converting visitor traffic into email subscribers, readers, or paying customers.
optimize Definition of optimize in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
Early identification of children at risk for reading failure optimizes the chances for effective intervention. But we have to consider how best to optimize our resources and find our way back to the enormous success we have had in previous years.
Optimization or Optimisation? General Search Engine Marketing Issues forum at WebmasterWorld WebmasterWorld.
Search engine optimization shows 613000, results on Google while search engine optimisation throws up 108000, pages fairly sizable. Although Google is courteous enough to ask if I meant optimization in my second search, the results were totally different in both searches.
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Optimization: box volume Part 1 video Khan Academy.
Mathematical optimization Wikipedia.
In mathematics, computer science and operations research, mathematical optimization or mathematical programming, alternatively spelled optimisation, is the selection of a best element with regard to some criterion from some set of available alternatives. In the simplest case, an optimization problem consists of maximizing or minimizing a real function by systematically choosing input values from within an allowed set and computing the value of the function.

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